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EMC Big Data represents a powerful transformational force in how we can use digital information to gain new insights into our world. EMC is proud to sponsor The Human Face of Big Data project, and we're equally proud that our technology and expertise are playing a leading role in making the power of Big Data a reality for governments and businesses today. EMC provides foundational components for Big Data strategies across every industry. Our storage, database, security, governance, and analytics products are used around the world to transform businesses, communities, and humankind. In fact, our customers are already using the insights from Big Data today to lower costs, deliver innovative new services, fight crime, research new cures for disease, and create astonishing new products. We believe strongly that even though Big Data's impact is already all around us, what we see today are only the early glimmers of what will eventually be possible. We hope that through our sponsorship of The Human Face of Big Data project, we can help communicate the potential of Big Data to individuals in all walks of life and give everyone a sense of what those possibilities will be.
Supporting Sponsors

Cisco As data gets bigger, our planet continues to get smaller, bringing together people and things. It's an exciting and unprecedented time of innovation and change for the entire world. Cisco is at the forefront of this transformation, where the way we work, live, play, and learn is being turned completely on end. And it's happening day by day, minute by minute, as the amount of traffic traversing the network continues to grow, holding with it infinite possibility. From solving global health problems and predicting natural disasters to alleviating political instability, the human potential is both daunting and amazing. The Human Face of Big Data is a perfect way to illuminate this changing world. And like those individuals behind this project, Cisco is also captivated by the impact of Big Data-hence our passion for creating intelligent solutions to collect, manage, and evaluate data at the speed of human communications. We are proud to sponsor this compelling undertaking.
FedEx is proud to be the Official Shipping Sponsor of The Human Face of Big Data. In 1978, FedEx chairman and CEO Fred Smith said, "The information about the package is just as important as the package itself." Today, FedEx provides customers with access to near real-time information that has enabled new supply chain models and efficiencies. This unprecedented access to information is connecting customers around the world to economic markets and communities. FedEx, the company that revolutionized global business practices by providing next-business-day delivery service, leveraged the reach, strength, and reliability of its network to ship 10,000 individual copies of The Human Face of Big Data photo book around the globe. From the earliest commercial handhelds in 1980, to equipping vehicles with radio computers in 1984, to making package tracking available on the world's first transactional website in 1994, FedEx has always sought the edge of innovation.
SAP Big Data represents an opportunity for us to re-imagine our world, track new signals that were once impossible, and change the way we experience our communities, our places of work, and our personal lives. The stories from the Human Face of Big Data project beautifully illustrate how Big Data pervades every aspect of our existence today. As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is helping companies of all sizes and industries run better. From major league sports and personalized shopping to genomic research, carbon reduction, and product recall, SAP touches people and organizations across 36 industries and lines of business. Leading companies use SAP solutions to translate Big Data into real-time insights and transform insights into lasting value. Through our sponsorship of the Human Face of Big Data project, we want to help businesses see the potential to run like never before.
VMWare Data-intensive applications are already changing how businesses compete, how governments serve their citizens, and how all of us live our lives. VMware cloud infrastructure and tools support a range of different data types to provide the flexibility, agility, and dynamic scalability required to run both analytic and transactional Big Data applications. From real-time tuning of civic infrastructure to run more efficiently, to dynamic allocation of communications channels to reduce dropped calls, the intersection of Big Data inference and real-time response will drive the next wave of digital innovation. Through our sponsorship of The Human Face of Big Data project, we aim to continue innovating alongside our customers as we all discover more ways to put this transformational technology to use.
Originate builds custom software within a range of industries, partnering with start-ups and enterprises alike, always with the common goal of pushing for innovation. Big Data has been an area of interest for our team for some time, as technologists are just on the brink of understanding how to best orchestrate the impact of our ever-growing flood of data collection. We were honored and thrilled to work with Against All Odds Productions in developing a mobile application that could help showcase the power and elegance of large data sets, unveiling delightful ways in which data collection can help connect people worldwide. Originate loves a good challenge and values a great partnership, and The Human Face of Big Data project has been an awesome combination of both.
Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Ranked by Gartner and IDC in 2011 as the world's fastest-growing business intelligence company, Tableau helps anyone quickly and easily analyze, visualize, and share information. More than 9,000 companies get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on the go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites. Connect to any data source, size, or type. Analyze and create dashboards. Share with browser and mobile-based analytics. All within your data architecture and security protocols. Shift into the do-it-now era with the easiest, fastest, and most agile BI solution in the market. With Tableau, business users get what they need and IT saves time and money. See how Tableau can help you by downloading the free trial at